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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  January 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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it and what they're telling america today, look, john q. public, your days of sponging off me are over. no more free lunches, pal. time for a dose of the austerity medicine. no pain, no gain. for us that is. >> incredible lessons in history, mark and well done on your part. we should all do some studying before we have too much more of this debate. that does it for us. "hardball's" up right now. mr. speaker or protester general. let's play "hardball." leading off tonight on the republicans a protest party or governing party? a new year, a new party's in the control. a new speaker set to take the
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gavel and a new presidency has begun. president obama returned today with a 50% approval rating. that could rise farther if republicans try to repeal health care, if they spend the next year complaining instead of governing. republicans mission, that's our top story. plus, president obama's considering names bill daley as his new chief of staff. is this the guy the person is president needs right now? and here's evidence the republican rs in bed with big business. their top investigator is asking corporations around trade associations themselves, what regulations they'd like him to target. didn't know it worked that way. the top ceos get to decide how they get regulated. they call the shots. also, the showdown over the dead zone. tea partiers are fiercely
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opposed to raising the debt limit even if that means raising the limit. that's for our strategists tonight. it's very worrisome what happens if the federal government doesn't pay itself bills. remember greece, ireland? and what's john roberts doing swearing in the staff? we'll check out the "sideshow." let's start with the mission for the republicans asia they take control tomorrow. david corn, for you to help the wartime console to the republicans and ron christie, who has the appropriate distinction pronounced cheney. 1946 after world war ii, first
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to get in, they start investigating white water in the '40s, the communist threat. very unpopular. truman got re-elected. in a later case, clinton got re-elected. they blew their chance. will they do it again? >> well, darrell issa for one is heading that way, but there's another interesting comparison. when newt gingrich came in in '95, they had a legislative agenda. whether you agree or not, they had bills, legislating they want to do. without testimony about how obama -- this is my evidence they're not serious. your political party. this is the actually legislative name of the bill they're using
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they're going to vote on january 12th to get rid of the obama bill. it's called this sounds like something out of the middle east. repealing the job killing health care law. i mean, it sounds like one of those, they're screaming at some demonstration in the middle east. do you consider that serious? to name something, the job killing health care bill? that's the name of the bill. >> it's a job killing health care bill, it's ki kicked a lot of people off coverage. when david mentions the republicans aren't going to hold a hearing. it was rushed straight to the floor. the longer we hear about what's in this bill, the american people, not just us here in washington, have said they did too much, too soon. it's too big. it needs to be repealed. >> on, should they -- >> i don't know who you mean by the american people, let's go to the latest cnn poll. 43% liked the bill and another
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13 would have liked it to have been more to the left. so that comes out to 56% in total that like the bill. you shake your head. >> okay, just because people take a poll, first of all -- i said this is not a popular bill with the american people. i don't think this is constitutional. i'm a lawyer. you know that. i don't think that we've ever seen the federal government compel american citizens. this is my point. they did not deal with this. did not hold a hearing. did not discuss the constitutionality of this bill. >> this took a year and a half of legislating to do. there were seven rs, the senate had this long period, they invited republicans to participate. they formed their own committee, then backed out. we lived through this. it didn't happen in a week.
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the medicare donut hole, back in. stay on their coverage until they're 26 years old. >> absolutely. >> i cover this. waxman's committee had hearings in the house. the finance committee under baucus had hearings and hearings. the kennedy committee. this went on and on and on for a year and a half to two years. you're saying no hearings? >> i'm to suggest this was going on in a deliberative manner and they understood the bill they were writing. no one knows a what's in this. >> you're saying that the members of congress didn't know what's there? >> what i'm saying is we were sold a bill of goods. we were told it was going to cut
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costs and if people had health care, they could keep it. >> everybody in the world who reads the name of a bill before the u.s. congress is to quote to repeal t repeal the job killing health care bill knows it's not politics. here's the president of the united states on air force one talking about his hopes for the republican leadership you've been defending --
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>> nothing wrong with your television. that was air force one. ron, it looks like he's hoping he will have a partnership. is that what you want? >> well, i think there can be an opportunity to cooperate rate with the administration. i think there are various jobs creation, stronger economy, education, that we can work with this mrks on, but we need to cut back spending. >> but the way the start is to throw some crap in their face. it's called to repeal the job killing health care bill. >> if you're going to use the c-word -- >> this bill has only one purpose. it's not going to go through the senate. not going to be signed by the president. you're not going to get two-thirds vote in the house. the only purpose of this bill is to humiliate the president.
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>> it's not humiliating the president. it's symbolic. because the american people elected 60 some odd new members to put the brakes on government. >> why didn't you folks on on the republican side, you speak like a peacetime councillor. why didn't they try to craft a bill that would replace or refund? now, we know that if you polled the american people you speak for tonight, they ought to deal with the fact you ought to be able to get health care insurance. most parents have a hard time with their kids getting jobs in their 20s. would like to have a way of insuring their kids. there's a lot of concerns met by this bill and not by what was going on before. how come republicans who are concerned about the 40 million people uninsured, why didn't you
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go for some refinement to replace rather than a bill to repeal the bill? >> good question. two prongs. one, i agree with the initial intent. secondly, you're right. paul ryan, the -- let me answer the question. the incoming chairman of the house budget committee has looked at different ways to bring down entitlement costs and provide health care. that's you how do it. >> this shows you they're not serious. there is no republican alternative at this moment to obama's health care bill. they want to kill it for political points. there's no alternative. which shows me they don't really care about the health care problems of the american people. if you don't like this approach, give us another and work to replace it and see if you can win over. they're not serious about this. >> your party was in power in the house of representatives and
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senate. both from 1994 to 2006. both houses and the president decide the bill. where was your health bill you offered then? just like reagan in the old days. we don't like the democrats' plan, but we don't have an alternati alternative. >> if you want to ask me a question, i'll answer it. in the bush administration, created -- had community health clinics that dealt with rural and urban areas -- >> this president came into office, 40 million without health insurance. >> the number went up during the bush years of people who were up insured. premiums went up. more complaints. more satisfaction with health
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care. bush did a few things. he had a prescription drug plan which he didn't pay for. those are pretty good, but the big picture, he did very little and now, republicans have nothing to offer. >> the fact of the matter is we've been in one of the worst recessions in american history, this administration folked all on health care. that the american people were asking for jobs. they failed in their responsibleties. >> number one, you said there were no hearings for the last years, then said they spent the last two years talking about health care. the other two, the fact is, the american people are relatively for this bill if you look at the latest cnn poll.
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is latest shows the majority, 56%, which were more liberal. number two, obama's doing well right now. your party has never presented a national health care bill. can't have it both ways. >> you can allow the states, actually, there's a thing called the constitution of enumerated powers. you can allow the states to cover their people. >> you guys are going to kill mitt romney for having done so. most of your party's going to kill -- >> then you support mandates. >> when it gets into that iowa situation, the real conservatives get out there, who's that guy who supported that health care bill in massachusetts. i like these socially liberal republican presidential candidates. thank you. i think i was on your side. obama said to be considering bill daley, i like this side. i've always wanted a grown-up.
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word is out that president
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obama is considering names bill daley whose brother, the chicago mayor, to become his chief of staff. is that the right person to run the white house? that is the hot question for a president with executive challenges. mark halperin and jim warren -- warren, billy daley for chief of staff. what do you make? >> it would be an interesting choice. >> aren't you sophisticated. is it a good choice or bad? >> potentially good choice. shrewd, experienced, discreet, would tell obama what he thinks. and business would probably like him at a time when the only way you're going to grow the economy is through exports.
5:19 pm
>> one of his skills going back even before you became a hero, and a great man, which you are, way back in the days of jack jermond. he was a great briefer. he'd tell you the truth. that's a great strength for a chief of staff to be able to lead. >> all the discussion about this guy is going to be shaped by what you described, which is the press loves daley. he's a great guy. one of the great guys in america. not just american politics. that's a great trait for a chief of staff. he can not only deal with the press, he can deal with capitol
5:20 pm
hill. i think it's essential to have an adult as you described him with credibility, finally, i think the most important thing is he can deal with the business community. he's worked for fortune 500 companies. he's got a heart of a democrat, but knows he's got to be pro growth. >> let me go back to jim on this. it seems to me that the liberals will have a concern because he's not one of them. a moderate democrat. modestly center left. do you think that he will be able to do what jamim bakker di for reagan, which was take a guy with clear philosophy, but direct it towards success? >> i don't want to sell obama short. he's the guy running the show. i don't think you're going to dramatically change him. i think you are going to be a mechanic enlisted to do the objectives he wants. one democrat in d.c. suggested
5:21 pm
to me today, democrat's is thinner than one might think. >> who else? >> they're raking in the bucks as lobbyists, so didn't leaf a lot of folks. i think irrational. can talk the way they understand, was tutored by the guy they love. if he wants a back breaking job like that, i think he would be good. if not, somewhere in the west wing. >> when can he brief the press.
5:22 pm
two, can he go on the sunday shows? >> he's awesome. probably not his greatest strength, but he has the credibility. the word he used, he's an adult. a serious person. i think he may well have somebody with him. who would be the manager of the paper flow. but as an adviser, negotiator, as a hammer when necessary, he's the model of not just this president, but what a president wants. he's got to want to do it and i haven't talked to him about it. he doesn't like washington that much. doesn't like the rat race that much. >> here's the question for warren. he has to go to the hill and sit with john boehner in the back room. i watched this with jim bakker. you have to sit with him in the back room and nobody's watching. tell them what they're going to do. you've got to work with people
5:23 pm
to get things doing. to get the trains moving. jim warren, last question. >> yeah, he's that type of guy and i disagree with mark. he's 62, lost his chance for elected office. what a great way to end a career, helping to run the white house in a presidential administration, i think it's almost a no brainer if he wants to do it. he's got a new marriage, a great wife. i like that whole family, so i'm prejudiced. thank you, mark halperin. grown up. i think this president like all presidents, the greatest presidents, need compliments. that little extra. i think he needs some executive insight like with hillary and the state department. like with gates. that clear chain of command. he didn't have during the oil spill. i want to know what the
5:24 pm
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last night, we told you how all five candidates for republican national chairman said that sarah palin can win a general election for president, well that question could she or kopt she appears to be a new lit nas test in some corners.
5:28 pm
check this out from grovr norquist. >> how many guns do you own? >> none. >> none. >> five. >> well, i may surprise y'all, but we just got a new gun safe for christmas and i think there are about 16 in this. everything from pistols and a glock and my son who's on the weapons team at west point has an assault rifle. there you go. >> i'm very inadequate at force. >> you get the drift. what's weirder of course, the crowd's glee for gun owners. what is weird? the measure of the republican's degree of partisanship of his weapon's supply in yes. next up, john boehner as chief justice john roberts to previd over a closed door
5:29 pm
ceremony on capitol hill today to administer an oath of office pledge by boehner's own staff. even though staff members do give pledges to support the constitution when they get hired, a spokesman told the speaker quote, this would be a good way to set the tone reminds us why we're here. a chief justice usually heads the gavel for big things. i think i took the oath in person, too. by the way, justice scalia is set to teach michele bachmann's caucus about the constitution. how many amendments are the right wing now pushing? time for tonight's "hardball" big number. actually, a small number. republicans will take control tomorrow with 82 new members. according to "the washington post," the most new republicans in the house since 1921.
5:30 pm
what about the democrats? they got beat so bad they start the congress with the fewest new democrats since 1915. how many new democrats on the house side? nine. that's tonight's "hardball" big number. small number. nine new democrats in the house this year. up next, congressman darrell issa, the incoming house of the economy is reaching out to big business, asking them which obama regulations they want him to target. in other words, tell them how to make your life easier. let's ask the top democrat on that committee what he thinks. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. that are good for you. new v8 v-fusion + tea. one combined serving of vegetables and fruit with the goodness of green tea and powerful antioxidants. refreshingly good. another heart attack could be lurking, waiting to strike.
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stocks ending the session mixed with the dow climbing 20 points. the s&p 500 falling a point and a half. and the nasdaq slipping ten. most automakers ending the year on a high note. the big three reporting gains in december. toyota's sales falling 5.5%. bp shares jumping on -- what was turned off by potential league liableties. gold prices falling sharply as investors locked in profits and moved into other assets and grocers feeling heat after ratings downgrade. cold and steel stocks under pressure as well. the floods are aus trail area are decimating a cooking coal area. solutions will sell bar codes and radio systems to larger companies. back to "hardball."
5:35 pm
back to "hardball." darrell issa wants to investigate why more jobs haven't been created during this presidency. he's asking big business what the obama regulations are doing, which ones they'd like him to target. in a letter to more than 150 companies, he wrote -- is business getting a bye here? we're only going to investigate
5:36 pm
the government who are helping out business. elijah cummings is expected to face off against darrell issa. the ranking democratic on that committee. mr. issa, it's great to have you on the show. what is going to be the situation for the next several months in what's issa going to do? >> i think basically, this move here inviting businesses to tell us what they want us to do as opposed to protecting the american people gives me great concern. i don't know what he's going to do. he's been all over the map on the various invaestigations tha he wants to conduct. we do true oversight and that we not just concentrate on oversight, but on reform. i'll tell you, and i think that some of these things, when i look at the list of things that he has said he wants to
5:37 pm
investigate, usually, they are more swayed towards just a part of an issue. for example, we've asked him to address the foreclosure problem. well, he said, okay, democrats, we'll address the foreclosure problem, but when we get documents in and begin to learn more about that hearing, it's about just, pretty much just about fannie mae and freddie mac. well, we were looking at the -- we wanted to look also, i want to look at fannie mae and freddie mac, but also at the robo signers. i want to know why the attorney generals of arizona and nevada have said the banking industry has committed froud against 11 people. we have got to, this has got to be a committee that has credibility. we cannot be about the business of witch hunts. hear me out, chris. we need to leave these political hats at the door and actually do
5:38 pm
things that benefit the american people. i've said that over and over again to chairman issa. >> let's look at what he said in pennsylvania. some republicans last summer. it's almost like asking a basketball to use an orioles reference cht like he's saying, how wide you like the strike zone to be. they're going to say real wide. it seems an odd question. >> that's what my constituents don't want me to do. they want to make sure they are protected, that we're producing jobs, that the middle class is expanded and does well and we add value.
5:39 pm
some of this -- when i listen to some of the statements and i had a call just last night from a gentleman who served on one of p commission, he said i hear i'm on mr. issa's hit list. i've now got to go and hire a lawyer. i've never had any problems in my life. that's the kind of thing i worry about, chris. again, i'm talk about credibility. i'm willing to work with chairman issa to address the american people's problems. i've got people in my district, unemployment is 20% and they're telling me, help me get a job. they don't want these fights, arguing about things that don't necessari necessarily matter. when you give business a license and say, tell me what you don't
5:40 pm
like. buddy, let me tell you something. we will have more regulations than we can count of things they don't want. by the way, i fear present regulations that they want to do away with regulations that will allow them to make more money. in this very committee over the years, we found out when there was less regulations, we had planes flying that had cracks in the wings. >> everybody's in the regulation except in a plane or can of tuna fish. except when it affects their lives. thank you so much for joining us. it's going to be great watching you duel with darrell issa. get darrell issa on the show. he used to want to come on all the time. we want you on every month. >> and i'd love to be on with him. >> you're always welcome.
5:41 pm
thank you, sir. chris cillizza now joins us. it seems to me, i go back in history not like you and everybody else, i go back to the 1940s and this is how dick nixon got started. it looks to me like issa is going for the big score. the president of the united states. says he's the most corrupt president in history. he's aiming for the big guy, isn't he? >> he views it as -- he views it as, not chris cillizza, he views it as this administration has spent two years not getting any oversight and that there are things, fda, oil spill, wikileaks, these are things that he has laid out as priorities. i think it's interesting and i know you notice this because your home state of pennsylvania. one thing that wasn't on that priorities list, a look into
5:42 pm
whether obama administration officials were involved in the joe sestak, were they offered something to get out of senate races. now, that would have been really political and i think would have immediately poisoned the well for issa. i think he's going to be elevated. the white house is going to try to elevate him. that this guy is pursuing witch hunts. chasing things that aren't there. >> let's go to one thing he might be after here. henry waxman, he said they're going after apparently white house staff people who have been involved with travel by cabinet secretaries. explain what that is. is this somebody getting on a ride and going somewhere with a cabinet secretary? >> viewed negatively, positively, going on a fact finding mission. >> what's issa after here? >> i think he wants to show that you know, this administration, that they're at high levels, and
5:43 pm
i do not want to use the word corruption, but there is malfeasance. there is -- wants to look into the possibility, i should say, that there is again, i think you have to start from this. >> you mean some staff in the white house who handles environment went from somebody to go somewhere and that's corruption? >> chris, i wouldn't say that. i would say what issa's attitude bradley is this. he does not want to turn it into dan burton versus bill clinton. he made it personal. looking into campaign finance issues of wrong doing. >> and shooting at watermelons in his backyard. >> he doesn't want to do that. now, i would say the release of this letter, the talking about the most corrupt administration, although it came last summer, does not help him make his case. broadly, his attitude.
5:44 pm
this is an -- it's not going to be partisan. of course, that will be viewed as partisan, but i think him staying away from sestak is telling that boehner, issa and those folks don't want to immediately turn it into pure politics. because they could have. they could have gone down that road. >> thank you, chris. you won't get any bad e-mail for this. >> you never know. >> thank you. up next, those tea party republicans will be taking their seats in congress tomorrow and they're opposed to taking the debt ceiling. want to be greece, ireland? one of their financial problems? might happen. even if you, well, we'll see what happens. can the republican establishment keep them from pulling the fuse on this?
5:45 pm
jeb bush says he's not running for president in 2012,
5:46 pm
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welcome back. the new u.s. congress about to be sworn in tomorrow, but already, the tea party influence the being felt. last night, we had this cofounder patriots on the show and he made clear what he wants from lawmakers at about any costs. >> we're going to say we don't
5:49 pm
want them to vote for that debt ceil. >> but you hope somebody else will. >> then what happens? >> they cut programs and start to get real. it's going to take some real pain to fix this nation. >> so you're going to push it to the edge? >> absolutely. >> what consequences are you willing to accept? the government shutting down? >> absolutely. >> how will both democrats and republicans handle this new political influence? todd harris is republican strategist. and steve mcmahan. this guy says let the government renig on its debt. we're going to greece. what's your view of that? >> make no mistake, the entire debate and raising the debt ceiling is not about whether there's going to be a vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling.
5:50 pm
it's going the happen. >> about the 218? >> the votes will be there. the question is going to be what systemic spending reductions are going to be put in place. >> how many tea parties you got? what are you talking about? >> the tea party -- >> got 60 something tea party guys west will vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling if attached to raising the debt ceiling are actual systemic spending reductions. >> but there won't be any. >> what's wrong with that? >> sounds interesting but what happens if it doesn't happen? >> then the fault -- the blame will be on the democrats who are refusing to actually cut spending. republicans -- >> you don't need democrats you got a imagine juror fit want to do what you want to do. >> not in the senate we don't. we don't control the white house. >> in the house of representatives there is going to be a great big fight and it will come sooner rather than later. what is interesting is mitch mcconnell and grownup republicans trying to avoid this fight during their negotiations
5:51 pm
with the obama administration and the democrats during the lame duck session them wanted to pass a reconciliation bill that will get them through this. they will have the big fight in march. the tea party will require the rank and file republicans to take a stand, either in favor of raising -- >> michele bachmann is your new leader. >> exactly. whoever doesn't vote correctly is -- >> your new boss, she may be answering to somebody out there boris car love, i don't know who is giving her answers, here she is, let's listen to her had. >> i am not in favor of raising the debt ceiling. as a matter of fact, i have a petition that i'm urging people to sign, michelle, urging congress not to raise the debt control egg. >> you hear that? >> two things -- >> where does she get her -- -- >> they will raise the debt
5:52 pm
ceiling. >> 218 votes on the republican side? >> they will tlchblt at the same time, in order to get there we will have the next several months -- >> 218 votes to cut social security? what are you going to cut? defense? >> never say. >> i hope entitlement reform -- >> cut it immediately. tough cut it to coincide with the debt ceiling. >> no one is saying that you have to wave a magic wand and the budget becomes imbalanced. >> you want mark meckler to come back? he laid down the law. >> probably not going to happen, we will get a discussion and debate about cutting government spending in that we have not had in a very long time it. >> knute rule of the republican house is going to pass is going to require the republicans in the house and frankly tie up the congress but requires congress to cut spending as they do things like raise the debt ceiling. so chris is absolutely right. there are going to have to be some cuts, come immediately and say what they are.
5:53 pm
the republicans so far like to talk about cutting spending but don't have any specific spending cuts -- >> i think it is a great debate. i think if the tea party is holding you guys' feet to the fire and force you republicans who control the house now to actually put up your money and actually cut spending instead of talking about it -- >> yeah. >> i can't wait to he see hur hit list. what you are going to actually cut. it is going to be tough it is going to be painful. like i said, i hope entitlements are on the table. entitlement growth -- >> call them what they are, call them what they are, social security. >> medicare, medicaid. >> entitlement spending is increasing five times the rate of discretionary spending this is not sustainable, we can tiptoe around it all day long. >> i ask republicans on this show -- >> they all -- >> he have time i asked what should we with cut, name me one big chunk of government spending, almost $2 trillion deficit, give me a couple hundred billion at least, give me something big they give me nothing.
5:54 pm
democrats, too, by the way. >> i will give it to you right now the democrats will come with the bill to take away tax cuts for people making over $250,000 a year, 700 billion we borrowed. >> that is not a spending cut. >> but it results in revenue that replaces -- >> remember the difference it is a tax increase. >> okay. and a lot of democrats -- >> ask the american people that want that tax increase, the majority doesn't want that tax increase. >> the tax increase the majority does want. >> i know we never had marco on your show, butted if you asked marco rubio that question -- >> your client list later. xnchts marco the question about -- >> jeb bush in or out? he is out this time but i think he is still in? >> 2016? >> i think you need a stopper for sarah palin. >> i think a republican president in 2016 running for re-election. >> 2012, jeb won't run. >> out for now, he wants people to get him in to be drafted. >> who is going to be your stopper to sarah palin, mama
5:55 pm
grizzly? who is going to keep her from winning your nomination? >> no secret committee set up. she is going to rise or fall based on her own merits in the primariment. >> if i was the obama administration i think i would be trying to raise money to get her had the nomination. >> probably r. >> like her to get the nomination? >> i love it. i want to see the debate. >> come dish the new year. sarah palin republican nomination, good television. todd harris, steve mcmahon, sweeney todd. when we come back, rube yoerk the client list, when we return, what president obama needs to do now as republicans take control of the house. i have some theories. i like this idea. you are watching "hardball," only on msnbc. pumpkin pie!
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let me finish tonight with some very good news for the country, i think. word has it the president's about to name bill daily as had his chief of staff. i think this san excellent decision. it brings together what now has the look, feel and connection to be a solid executive team. asking hillary clinton to be secretary of state was the first master stroke. keeping robert gates as secretary of defense a second shrewd move, keeping in place a strong, consistent chain of command. now comes word that the president is about to name william dally, the former commerce secretary his own chief of staff this is what the obama presidency needed most, i have said so before many times a chain of command in domestic policy like we have seen in force with the foreign policy defense side w daily, we will have it someone who can walk before the cameras and


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